Review: my first flight in the Boeing 737 MAX (Tui fly from Brussels to Ibiza)

review my first flight in the boeing 737 max tui fly from brussels to ibiza

Sumary of Review: my first flight in the Boeing 737 MAX (Tui fly from Brussels to Ibiza):

  • The flight was operated by one of TUI’s 4 Boeing 737 MAX jets (it was my first flight in this aircraft type).
  • TUI is the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world, and it owns travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and retail shops.
  • In response, its competitor Boeing urgently considered an upgrade of its workhorse Boeing 737 aircraft and within months, the Seattle-based company introduced plans for the Boeing 737 Max, which engines that would yield similar fuel savings as the A320Neo.
  • There are four variants of the Boeing 737 MAX, the most common of which are the B737 MAX-8 and B737 MAX-9 (the 8 and 9 indicate the size of the plane).
  • The B737 MAX plane sold quickly based on features that passengers crave — a quieter cabin, more legroom — and bottom-line benefits to airlines, like fuel efficiencies.
  • In fact, the B737 MAX is the fastest-selling airplane in Boeing’s history with about 5,000 orders from more than 100 airlines worldwide.

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