How to make yoghurt ramen with instant noodles

how to make yoghurt ramen with instant noodles

Sumary of How to make yoghurt ramen with instant noodles:

  • Here’s an unpopular opinion for you: ramen with yoghurt tastes gooooooood.
  • Then you might want to try this recipe for yoghurt noodles, which borrows fromTarator, a classicBulgarian dishofcold soup containing yoghurt and cucumber.
  • Pairing this soup with instant noodles creates a fusion noodle dish that’s absolutely delicious and super simple to make, and the recipe we’ve found comes from the official site of Sanyo Foods, the makers of Sapporo Ichiban instant noodles.
  • So let’s get right to it and check out their recipe forTarator Salt Ramenbelow.
  • ▼ These are all the ingredients you’ll need to make yoghurt ramen.
  • Ingredients(makes one serving)Sapporo Ichiban Shio (salt) Ramen– 1 pack (or any brand of salt-broth instant noodles)Plain yoghurt – 150 gramsCold water –150 millilitersOlive oil – 1 tablespoonCucumber, peeled and finely chopped – about 20 gramsGrated garlic – one small cloveParsley – about a teaspoonHam, finely chopped – 1 slice Those wanting a little more texture and spice can also add a couple of chopped walnuts and a sprinkling of cumin powder to the mix as well.
  • 2.Boil the noodles for four minutes, then cool with running water and drain.
  • However, we needn’t have worried, because everything blended together harmoniously, with the grated garlic adding a fantastic depth of flavour against the tartness of the yoghurt, which made every mouthful light and refreshing.

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