Five Underrated Wildlife Destinations To Visit In The European Union

five underrated wildlife destinations to visit in the european union

Sumary of Five Underrated Wildlife Destinations To Visit In The European Union:

  • While some visitors are attracted to bustling cities, fine gastronomy, or raging nightlife, the continent offers boundless opportunity to spot some of Europe most iconic native creatures as well..
  • While just a tiny portion of the forest remains today, it offers the opportunity to spot the continent heaviest land mammal, the wisent..
  • Velebit Mountains, Croatia getty While Croatia coastal cities have become hugely popular tourist destinations over the past decade, those seeking wildlife should make the short trek into the nation largest mountain range for a chance to spot native Balkan fauna..
  • Equipped with pristine forests and craggy canyons, the Velebit range is home to large populations of deer and chamois along with some of Europe most iconic predators—brown bears and lynx, to be precise..
  • In addition to the region mammalian species, visitors can spot a wealth of protected butterflies, snakes, and birds during their visit as well…

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