walking an adventure playground

Sumary of Walking an Adventure Playground:

  • The Julian Alps are a tight oval of limestone knuckles, comparable in area to Rhode Island;
  • (We walked Stages 4, 7, 10, 13 and 14.) An extensive public transport system enabled us to skip sections along the way.
  • Twisting along the valley’s base was the river that carved it: the Soca, its passage made ponderous by a dam downstream.
  • When sunlight hits a river carrying white limestone crystals in suspension, the water turns dazzling and iridescent, its spectrum ranging from limpid green to deep, cerulean blue.
  • At times, the color of the Soca and its tributaries is so preternaturally opulent that it is tempting to imagine some conniving public relations person hiding upstream, dousing the headwaters with chemical dye.
  • At Tolmin Gorges, a network of stairways, balconies and bridges offered views of a ravine system from every conceivable angle.

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