what pairs with beetle start ups seek to make bugs tasty

Sumary of What pairs with beetle? Start-ups seek to make bugs tasty:

  • Tiziana Di Costanzo makes pizza dough from scratch, mixing together flour, yeast, a pinch of salt, a dash of olive oil and something a bit more unusual — ground acheta domesticus, better known as cricket powder.
  • Di Costanzo is an edible insect entrepreneur who holds cricket and mealworm cooking classes at her West London home, where she also raises the critters in a backyard shed with her husband, Tom Mohan.
  • Her startup, Horizon Insects, is part of Europe’s nascent edible insect scene, which features dozens of bug-based businesses offering cricket chips in the Czech Republic, bug burgers in Germany and Belgian beetle beer.
  • The company also has a line of bug-based snacks and ingredients like cinnamon mealworms and cricket protein falafel mix and, after getting final approval, plans to market frozen, dried or powdered grasshoppers as an ingredient for breakfast cereals, pasta, baked goods, sauces and imitation meat.
  • In London, Di Costanzo’s Horizon Insects is developing an insect-based cooking ingredient after discovering that there wasn’t much of a local market for the fresh edible mealworms they were selling.
  • Di Costanzo says the cricket powder she uses in her pizza gives it “a very nice, meaty, healthy taste” while boosting the nutritional content with protein, macronutrients and omega acids.

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