Burnout eating: how chronic pandemic stress can disrupt and destroy our diet

burnout eating how chronic pandemic stress can disrupt and destroy our diet

Sumary of Burnout eating: how chronic pandemic stress can disrupt and destroy our diet:

  • “I was so stressed, and even when I was in bed my brain was constantly racing as I was worrying so much about my health, about my income, about my children.
  • As the crisis drags on, we have turned to food for comfort, often choosing unhealthy snacks, takeaways and convenience foods because we are too exhausted to cook.Boles was working in sales when the pandemic hit.
  • She had just returned from maternity leave when she was furloughed by the luxury garden room company she worked for.
  • Our relationship with food is something we begin to form when we’re weaningArti Dhokia, dietitianIn a recent study of emotional eating during the pandemic, led by Katherine McAtamney of Birmingham City University, a quarter of participants reported that they were consuming more overall, while a third were eating less healthily.Meanwhile, Europe-wide research led by Aarhus University in Denmark found that the pandemic had left Britons as the biggest comfort eaters in the continent, with the consumption of convenience foods up 29%, alcohol up 29% and so-called “tasty treats” up 34%.None of this would surprise 22-year-old Liam Skillen, from Mansfield.
  • My local Tesco also started selling Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which I love.”It is not just the taste that makes Skillen reach for the cake or doughnuts.
  • “One thing that I always say to my patients is that eating behaviours have very little to do with food and weight,” says Arti Dhokia, a dietitian with a special interest in mental health.

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