Copenhagen’s Noma Wins Third Michelin Star As Denmark Dominates Nordic Guide

copenhagens noma wins third michelin star as denmark dominates nordic guide

Sumary of Copenhagen’s Noma Wins Third Michelin Star As Denmark Dominates Nordic Guide:

  • Noma It’s long been known around the world as one of Europe’s finest restaurants, but a third Michelin star had always been just out of reach—until now.
  • Copenhagen’s Noma winning a third star was the headline news at the 2021 Nordic Michelin Star revelation event held in Stavanger, Norway.
  • Soon after its opening in 2003, Noma spearheaded the ‘New Nordic’ concept of the authentic use of local ingredients and cooking methods.
  • Noma quickly became a destination of choice with foodies from all over the world, winning the world’s best restaurant award a staggering four times.
  • Several Noma alumni have gone on to open successful restaurants in Copenhagen, putting their own twist on the concept.
  • Despite this success, the third Michelin star had always remained elusive.

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