From Gang Member To Michelin-Starred Chef: Meet Eric Vildgaard

from gang member to michelin starred chef meet eric vildgaard

Sumary of From Gang Member To Michelin-Starred Chef: Meet Eric Vildgaard:

  • Eric Vildgaard is known as one of Copenhagen’s most exciting chefs, the co-owner of two-star Michelin Jordnær, and the man behind some of the most exquisitely intricate, elegantly crafted dishes you will ever have placed in front of you.
  • Photo: David Egui Gang activity in Copenhagen Vildgaard grew up in northwest Copenhagen, in an area he describes as “a nice place with a lot of green areas”, but one that was also home to a lot of social outcasts.
  • “I had never imagined that I would enjoy cooking,” says Eric Vildgaard.
  • ” Photo: Jesper Rais Learning to cook Throughout his teens, Vildgaard flitted between various juvenile detention centers, training schools and the Danish organized crime scene.
  • It was at one of the training schools that Vildgaard discovered the passion that would, eventually, many years later, help him turn his life around.
  • Photo: David Egui Drugs, crime and cooking The years that followed were a blur of drugs, alcohol and criminal gangs, coupled with stints in the kitchens of some of Denmark’s finest culinary establishments, including Søllerød Kro and Almanak.

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