‘It’s very moreish!’: readers’ delicious cherry recipes, from frozen margaritas to strudel

its very moreish readers delicious cherry recipes from frozen margaritas to strudel

Sumary of ‘It’s very moreish!’: readers’ delicious cherry recipes, from frozen margaritas to strudel:

  • Frozen cherry margaritaI rent a cherry tree on a farm in Northiam, East Sussex.
  • This means we have a year-round supply of my favourite cocktail: frozen cherry margarita.
  • The result is delicious and very moreish, so be warned!Fran Evans’s frozen cherry margarita.Put 50g caster sugar and 3 tbsp water into a small pan and heat gently until the sugar dissolves.
  • Then, using a blender, combine with 200g frozen cherries, 4 tbsp fresh lime juice, 150ml tequila or vodka, 3 tbsp cherry liqueur and a handful of ice until smooth.
  • Fran Evans, London Cherry chutneyMargrete Moore’s cherry chutney.Cherries are my favourite summer fruit.
  • Margrete Moore, consultant and administrator, Denmark Cherry frangipane with homemade cherry jamSian Polhill Thomas’s cherry frangipane.Once I have picked about 1kg of cherries, I make a jam by simmering with 800g jam sugar and a pinch of vanilla (optional) uncovered in a jam pan over a medium-high heat for 30-40 minutes.
  • Add five eggs one by one, plus 225g ground almonds and 50g flour as you fold in the eggs.
  • Once the base has cooled, spoon over your cherry jam.

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