The New AIRE Ancient Baths London Will Transport You To Your Own Piece Of ‘Neverland’

the new aire ancient baths london will transport you to your own piece of neverland

Sumary of The New AIRE Ancient Baths London Will Transport You To Your Own Piece Of ‘Neverland’:

  • I’m in a subterranean world lit by flickering candles, the shadows are casting strange patterns on the bare brick walls and there’s water lapping all around me.
  • Welcome to London’s latest holistic wellness spa – AIRE Ancient Baths London – a calm oasis tucked behind the Strand.In the dim light, this could be a scene from Victorian London, but, in fact, it’s a new approach for the city’s urban spa world and a totally different concept from anything else you might have experienced before.
  • The lounge area at the new AIRE Ancient Baths London.
  • (Credit: morgan white 2021) Inspired by the ancient tradition of Roman baths, AIRE Ancient Baths London reimagines the classic pastime of soaking in thermal waters, but with a twist.
  • Already found in New York, Chicago, Copenhagen and Spain (where there are four outposts – in Madrid, Seville, Barcelona and Almeria), AIRE’s approach is all about updating the concept of ‘water for wellness’ for a modern audience –marrying age-old traditions within cutting-edge spaces.
  • (Credit: morgan white 2021) The new opening in London is found, for instance, in an historic townhouse.
  • Located at 2-3 Robert Street, the property is located within London’s ‘Adelphi’ area, a spot which is the legacy of the 18th century’s most renowned architect siblings, the Adam brothers.
  • Famed for their elegant, neoclassical influenced projects, which were inspired by the Grand Tour travels of Robert Adam, their work came to define this riverside area in central London.

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