Billionaire Branson Prepares To Take One Small Step For Entrepreneurs In Space

billionaire branson prepares to take one small step for entrepreneurs in space

Sumary of Billionaire Branson Prepares To Take One Small Step For Entrepreneurs In Space:

  • Sir Richard Branson is heading to the edge of space.
  • WireImage On Sunday, billionaire Richard Branson will aim to finally deliver on 17-years of promise and take a seat on his own Virgin Galactic rocket plane, the VSS Unity, as it climbs 55 miles to the edge of space for its first fully crewed test flight.
  • The launch, if successful, will make history in the burgeoning field of space entrepreneurship, and help boost Branson’s credibility in a sector in which some participants have not always believed he was going to make good on the repetitive promises that have surrounded both Virgin Galactic since 2004, and more recently, Virgin Orbit, the smaller satellite launch startup that spunoff from Galactic in 2017.
  • Branson has charted a very different trajectory from that of fellow space-focused billionairesJeff Bezos and Elon Musk.
  • His Virgin Orbit successfully delivered its second satellite payload into low earth orbit last month.
  • The Virgin Galactic launch on Sunday may be vindication for the serious sums of money Branson has spent on Orbit and Galactic during a period when his entire business empire was brought to its knees by the lockdown, and the subsequent grounding of the Virgin Atlantic fleet since March 2020.
  • [+] Operations Engineer Beth Moses, Chief Astronaut Instructor Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Galactic Sirisha Bandla, Vice President of Government Affairs and Research Operations Michael Masucci, Pilot.
  • @VirginGalactic Risk, Reward Will Whitehorn is the current president of U.K.

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