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Half Tourism—A Panacea For Travel Or Logistical Nightmare?

The half tourist is becoming less niche


One clear travel trend emerging from the pandemic is that–for the people who can work away from the office–more people are choosing to travel as they work.

These so-called ‘half tourists’ and ‘workationers’ are a burgeoning niche in the tourist market, but there are pitfalls and for some people, the price might be too high.

Americans can finally use up their holiday

Americans are not traditionally very good at using vacation days or can’t afford to (768 million days were left unused in 2018) so theoretically, the pandemic provided the perfect opportunity to do so, once WFH became possible.

Workers can try out places away from big cities

Untethered from offices in expensive cities, the idea follows that people can now travel and explore the world (assuming open borders across countries or states) working from anywhere. They can live where they want, revive small towns and even choose a more rural life–and all of it temporarily, if they want to.

Startups have emerged to offer longer-term rentals for working professionals–Anyplace offers month-to-month rentals (and has seen a spike towards rural areas).

Recent research by Tehama, a cloud-based software company, found that people in the U.S. had become keener on the idea of traveling while working (from a sample who are already allowed to work from home).

Or head to new countries on a year-long nomadic visa

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