Life Lessons From A Flight Attendant Turned Silicon Valley CEO

life lessons from a flight attendant turned silicon valley ceo

Sumary of Life Lessons From A Flight Attendant Turned Silicon Valley CEO:

  • “We always hear about the men who built companies in Silicon Valley, but what about the women?
  • In 1974, this pioneering entrepreneur from the Philippines turned a $1,500 startup into the go-to travel agency for the titans of Silicon Valley.
  • Her new book, A Hole in the Clouds: From Flight Attendant to Silicon Valley CEO (Silicon Valley Press), tells the behind-the-scenes story of what it took to build her company, Casto Travel, and what it took to stay on top.
  • We helped the tech industry grow and it helped us grow, too,” says Casto.
  • “I want people to know what Silicon Valley was like as it was taking off.
  • ” Castro originally came to the U.S. as a Filipino immigrant with no college degree and tapped into her skills as a former Philippine Airlines flight attendant to create Casto Travel, which became the largest privately owned travel management agency on the West Coast.

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