This Startup Company Has A Fix For The Car Rental Shortage

this startup company has a fix for the car rental shortage

Sumary of This Startup Company Has A Fix For The Car Rental Shortage:

  • This summer, more people will have to make a difficult choice between car-sharing, relying on mass transportation or paying hundreds of dollars per day for a rental car — if they can find one..
  • Avail Car Sharing, which launched in late 2018 and expanded during the pandemic, is selling a car-rental type experience without the risk typically involved in car sharing..
  • I talked to Mike Osborn, Avail’s CEO, to find out how Avail is positioning itself during this summer’s car rental shortage — and what it means for consumers..
  • timing during the car rental shortage We’re in the middle of the carpocalypse — the biggest car rental shortage in the history of rental cars..
  • Avail tackles the hassles other car-sharing services require customers, both from car owners and car renters and borrowers..
  • For instance, trained Avail employees oversee all vehicles on our secure lots, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring consistency and safety for our customers while removing any guessing or worrying about where and when to trade keys..
  • The Avail staff helps customers with their luggage and gets them safely on the shuttle to the airport or on the road to their destination..
  • And every vehicle comes standard with a suite of Allstate protection services, including full insurance coverage for both parties..
  • How Avail’s solution to the car rental shortage is different When I look at the Avail site, I see available cars and the cost is about 20 percent below the car rental rates..
  • We offer borrowers more flexibility than a traditional car rental service, with a broader selection of locally relevant vehicles because they’re owned by locals..
  • We remove the little frictions that frustrate customers, with no lines or counters and no annoying paperwork to fill out..
  • Fortunately, these characteristics help us avoid issues associated with the ongoing car rental shortage, and, in fact, enable us to take advantage while the situation persists..
  • Speaking of competition, even if you eliminate the other peer-to-peer car-sharing companies, you still have car rental companies..
  • We’ve positioned ourselves well in the hearts of our customers, who use our service repeatedly after they first try it and tell their friends about it..
  • The confidence in rebounding leisure and domestic travel only emboldened us to invest more in our service and expanding our geographic coverage..
  • One other contributing factor that the pandemic presented to Avail was the mass market recognition of a well-studied problem – that Americans own $4 trillion in vehicles that, by one estimate, sit idle 95% of the time and consume nearly 15% of the real estate in major U.S..
  • my vehicle is just sitting there, and my car payment, car insurance bill, and parking expenses are costing me every day…

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