British expat town in France sees dramatic drop in numbers after Brexit – ‘rollercoaster’

british expat town in france sees dramatic drop in numbers after brexit rollercoaster

Sumary of British expat town in France sees dramatic drop in numbers after Brexit – ‘rollercoaster’:

  • Many expats decide to move after visiting the town as a tourist.
  • British tourists issued passport stamp warning for Spain – ‘concern’Due to pandemic travel restrictions, fewer Britons have made it to France to fall in love with Eymet.
  • Maxine Shipley, owner of the B&B Maison d’Angle, said: “We have a map of the world in our dining room and more than 140 people who have stayed with us have gone on to buy a house – and 80 percent of them have been British.
  • ”A change to residency rules after Brexit is also thought to have impacted British expat numbers in Eymet.
  • DON’T MISSUK citizens are only able to visit the EU for 90 out of every 180 days and obtaining a long term residence permit can be difficult.
  • British expats may have trouble qualifying for French residency or have to spend a lot of money on the administrative process.

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