France holiday hell: Double-jabbed Britons furious with holiday chaos ‘This is unworkable̵ …

france holiday hell double jabbed britons furious with holiday chaos this is unworkable

Sumary of France holiday hell: Double-jabbed Britons furious with holiday chaos ‘This is unworkable’:

  • The Government confirmed yesterday it will be putting quarantine measures back in place for all travellers entering the UK from France.
  • She added: “If a quarantine is necessary then so be it but I’m confident that my risk will be higher when I return to the UK.
  • “We struggle to understand the sudden desire to introduce quarantine for returnees from France and cannot help feel this has far more to do with politics and much less to do with science.” Graham and his partner had planned stay in France for five weeks, but they are now planning to return to the UK after less than three weeks.
  • The Englishman added: “We could stay and hope the situation changes but given the knee-jerk reaction by the UK Government we cannot take the chance in case the situation deteriorates further.” Debbie, from Essex, runs a chalet with her family in France.
  • She said the business is expected to take a financial hit because of the UK Government’s new coronavirus quarantine rules.

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