Game of thrones: 14 of the best castles in north-west France

game of thrones 14 of the best castles in north west france

Sumary of Game of thrones: 14 of the best castles in north-west France:

  • Those in the Loire Valley – including the Atlantic Loire Valley – are often considered the most spectacular..
  • The big hitters in the Atlantic Loire Valley include Château de Montsoreau, a flamboyant gothic-style castle, and the only one to be built directly in the Loire riverbed – today it doubles as a museum of contemporary art..
  • Among the other must-sees are the imposing Château de Saumur, which also houses a museum, this time of decorative arts;.
  • the enchanting Château de Brissac, whose aristocratic owners had a tiny belle epoque theatre for operatic performances built within its seven storeys;.
  • and the Château d’Angers, originally built in the ninth century before being expanded by Louis XI in the 13th century..
  • Herve Lenain/Alamy While the wider Loire Valley is the destination that chateau aficionados and tourists make a beeline for, it worth considering that there are plenty of other impressive castles scattered around both Brittany and Normandy..
  • As soon as you hit French soil, you’re free to embark on a castle tour, long before you reach the Loire Valley – or, alternatively, on your way back from it..
  • A fortress dating to the 14th century, it perches on a jagged cliff edge overlooking Fresnaye bay with a clear view out to the Channel;.
  • Drive two hours west and you reach the port city of Brest, which was designated as a military harbour in the 17th century by Cardinal Richelieu, a clergyman and nobleman who became first minister of France..
  • The unmissable, hulking, stone Château de Brest dates from Roman times and is believed to be the oldest castle in the world still in use (as a naval fortress)..
  • an hour away, via the scenic Parc naturel régional d’Armorique, is the Château de Trévarez – also known as the Pink Castle..
  • In 1893, he began the construction of a grand property that was to incorporate all the latest trends of the belle epoque, and included mod-cons of the time such as lifts, central heating and hot water..
  • first the Château de Comper, a handsome structure that sits by a lake within the beautiful Paimpont forest and is said to have been owned by Saloman, a ninth-century king of Brittany..
  • An hour farther to the north is the gorgeous, medieval Château de Combourg, its location next to Lac Tranquille bestowing a picturesque, fairytale-like atmosphere…

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