high speed rail what are the plans for hs2 and hs3

Sumary of High-speed rail: What are the plans for HS2 and HS3?:

  • Boris Johnson claims it will deliver “meaningful transport connections for more passengers across the country, more quickly”.
  • UIC, the global railway organisation, says the era was born on 1 October 1964 when the Bullet Train started running in Japan between Tokyo and Osaka.
  • In the 1970s, the UK was ahead of Europe with rolling stock actually called High Speed Trains running on the Great Western line linking London Paddington with Bristol and Cardiff.
  • It established 125mph (201km/h) as the benchmark for Inter-City rail in the UK.Although the ill-fated Advanced Passenger Train and the Pendolino trains on the West Coast main line are capable of 140mph (225km/h), there has never been enough capacity to allow them to run at full speed in passenger service.
  • France made the next giant leap on 27 September 1981, when the Train à Grand Vitesse started running at a maximum speed of 162mph (260 km/h).
  • The only line that qualifies by the modern definition is High Speed 1, linking London St Pancras with Kent and the Channel Tunnel.

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