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Holidays in van: advice and tips

Sumary of Holidays in van: advice and tips:

  • Albin Michel), two former architects share their experience (200,000 kilometers across the United States between 2015 and 2019) with the commissioning in 2020 of the coolest routes in France.
  • Three guides offer practical advice and itineraries to wake up where you want, when you want.
  • Read also: The bohemian life in a van The sequel after this Logically becoming a common sense choice at the exit of the Covid for the first local holidays, the trend remains in vogue on the crest of the desire for discovery.
  • And quickly attracted a broke youth eager for large unknown spaces.
  • 15052022 at 03:34, Updated on 14052022 at 23:15 The trend exploded with the first post-Covid holidays.
  • They offer, of course, all the practical (and technical!) advice that the neophyte will need.
  • They are neither sore nor adventurous, they simply want to travel differently, away from it all, by trading a little comfort for less marked landscapes, and to try holidays combining minimalism, freedom and a certain ecology.

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