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In France & Japan, trains regularly reach 320km/h

Sumary of In France & Japan, trains regularly reach 320km/h:

  • Credit: JR RailShare to FacebookShare to TwitterEmail UsCopy the LinkThe world’s first high-speed rail service — the Shinkansen or projectile train — was open in Japan on October 1, 1964, and has grown to a gigantic system of more than 2700km serving 23 major cities and move close to 500,000 people a day.
  • In information, the average speed for the service is a paltry 106kmh.
  • Since that humble start France’s high-speed system has grown to more than 2800km with accelerates up to 320kmhr.
  • Its first high-speed rail service started in 2008, direct at accelerates between 250 and 350kmh.

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