Plant-Based Foods Have Never Been Better. Here’s 28 To Try At Your Next Summer Cookout.

plant based foods have never been better heres 28 to try at your next summer cookout

Sumary of Plant-Based Foods Have Never Been Better. Here’s 28 To Try At Your Next Summer Cookout.:

  • Barnacle Foods uses it in their newest beer-infused barbecue sauce.
  • Francesco Sapienza via Plant Provisions Whether you’re looking to smoke something new on the barbecue, add some creativity to your charcuterie board and crudité platter, or simply snack on more plants, these foods are sure to surprise and satisfy well beyond the summer.
  • Upton’s infuses the fiber-rich plant with paprika, chili and tomato paste, for a succulent barbecue bite, but they also make the jackfruit in Thai Curry and Chili Lime flavors for a refreshing summer grill alternative.
  • New England Style Crab Cakes made with sweet peppers and parsley make savory appetizers while the Breaded Fish Sticks are perfect for the little ones.
  • The trio is topped off with a lemony Buddha’s Hand barbecue sauce.
  • Carrots meet smoked paprika in the Chipotle Chili, the Smokehouse combines sweet beets with spicy black pepper while the Tuscan evokes the Mediterranean with roasted red peppers and tomato.
  • Containing seven grams of protein per serving, all three flavors make unique, satiating upgrades to cookout charcuterie boards and summer sandwiches.
  • For a nutritional boost, opt for their Super Seed Crackers which combine pumpkin, sunflower and poppy seeds to deliver five grams of protein and a hearty dose of fiber.

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