‘You really have to check’: Brits warned of rule changes as 400,000 to fly this weekend

you really have to check brits warned of rule changes as 400000 to fly this weekend

Sumary of ‘You really have to check’: Brits warned of rule changes as 400,000 to fly this weekend:

  • Amid the UK traffic light system and international entry rules, travel is no easy feat for the holiday hungry this year.
  • However, the host of The Big Travel Podcast Lisa Francesca Nand, has warned of some areas which could catch Britons out if they do not prepare.
  • Indeed, travel rules both in the UK and abroad have been changing in rapid succession.
  • Holiday warning: Britons warned ‘not to commit’ to travelAs per this list, quarantine applies to all travellers, regardless of their inoculation status.
  • France is currently the only nation on the “amber plus list”, though there are concerns COVID-19 figures in both Spain and Greece could indicate they might be next to move.
  • However, it isn’t just the chop and change approach of the UK Government that could cause trouble for travellers.

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