See 2021’s Only Total Solar Eclipse. It’s Over The World’s Newest Ocean

see 2021s only total solar eclipse its over the worlds newest ocean

Sumary of See 2021’s Only Total Solar Eclipse. It’s Over The World’s Newest Ocean:

  • The next one is on December 4, 2021 and there only one place in the world where you’ll be in the path of totality:.
  • getty The new Southern Ocean On 2021 World Ocean Day, June 8, National Geographic announced that the earth now has five oceans..
  • The new name is because the Southern Ocean water are geographically and ecologically different from the southern parts of the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans..
  • While the other four oceans are defined by the land that surrounds them, the Southern Ocean is defined by a current—the Antarctic Circumpolar Current..
  • getty Seth Sykora-Bodie, a National Geographic Explorer and marine scientist at the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration, explained it like this to National Geographic:.
  • The December 4, 2021 Antarctic total solar eclipse Total solar eclipses are rare—there are only six for the whole decade of the 2020s—and rarer still at the bottom of the planet..
  • Unless you’re flying above it or in Antarctica doing scientific research, the only way to see the eclipse over the Southern Ocean is aboard an Antarctic cruise..
  • The eclipse will be best seen between the South Orkney Islands and South Georgia, northeast of the Antarctic continent and southeast of the Falkland/Malvinas Islands….

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