A Quaint Cafe Museum For Your Next Dubai Trip

Positioned within the sun-baked Bastakiya alongside the Dubai Creek, the Dubai Coffee Museum is a coffee sanctuary of sorts.. It could easily be mistaken for a traditional villa, situated in the Emirate primeval existing…

8 LGBTQ+ Works of Art to Travel For

A couple of years ago, in the same month, painter Bhupen Khakhar’s landmark work Two Men in Benares was sold for a record Rs 22.39 crore at a Sotheby’s auction.. Held as the culmination of the legendary artist’s attempts…

Emirates continues to rebuild passenger network

Emirates hopes to have recovered close to 90 per cent of its pre-pandemic network by the end of next month, operating 880 weekly services across 124 cities.. The Dubai-based carrier, which this week announced huge losses…

Booze made from wood coming soon in Japan

Wood has been used to make alcohol since ancients times, but it tends to be of the toxic and disgusting variety reserved for illegal moonshine or antifreeze.. It wasn’t until very recently that the Forest Research and Management…

Namibia: High-Risk Classification a Blow for Tourism

Tourism and hospitality players say Namibia’s classification, as a high-risk destination is a huge blow to the already struggling sector due to uncontrollable levels of Covid-19 new infections and deaths.. The Centres for…

EasyJet shifts Spanish flights from UK to Germany

In response to the continuing severe restrictions on international travel from the UK, easyJet has switched flights to continental Europe.. Some aircraft that were expected to connect British airports with Palma in Mallorca…

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