5 Best Museums In Hamburg Which Are A Perfect Escape For The History Buffs!

5 best museums in hamburg which are a perfect escape for the history buffs

Sumary of 5 Best Museums In Hamburg Which Are A Perfect Escape For The History Buffs!:

  • Hamburg is referred as the Maritime Heritage of Germany” for being the country’s second largest city and having the biggest port.
  • Apart from this, Hamburg is also home to the historical heritage which is preserved in the form of incredible museums which displays the bygone culture of the country.
  • From art to the history of maritime, these museums in Hamburg gives a glimpse of the different phases of the city.
  • 5 Best Museums In Hamburg While you make a list of the places to discover in the city, make sure to bookmark these 5 best Hamburg museums and learn more about the culture of this place.
  • 1. Kunsthalle Hamburg Image Source Dedicated to over 700 years of European art, Kunsthalle Hamburg is a home to the architectural marvels and art collections of Germany.
  • Situated at the Hafencity in Hamburg, this is one of the famous museums in Hamburg.

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