Foodie river cruises: Voyages to tickle your taste buds along Europe’s waterways

foodie river cruises voyages to tickle your taste buds along europes waterways

Sumary of Foodie river cruises: Voyages to tickle your taste buds along Europe’s waterways:

  • So it’s no surprise that many cruise lines offer taste-bud tingling itineraries along Europe’s waterways.
  • SEVEN-RIVER EPIC Majestic: The new river cruise ship AmaMagna will stop off at 14 countries over an epic 45 nightsIt’s the ultimate European river trip — seven rivers, three ships (including the new AmaMagna, a diesel-electric hybrid ship) and 14 countries over an epic 45 nights.
  • PORT IN PORTUGAL Explore laid-back Porto (pictured on the right) before you meander up the Douro, Portugal’s hot new river cruise destinationPortugal’s Douro is the hot new river cruise destination.
  • Sniff out hornazo (meat pie) or paloma (fried salad sandwich — strangely delicious) at the market.
  • Book it: Seven nights with Viking from £2,045 pp (vikingrivercruises.
  • GERMAN VINES Germany’s Moselle valley, pictured above, is synonymous with crisp floral white wines, which you can sample on a cruise along the Moselle riverThe Romans planted vines along Germany’s Moselle river in the 1st century and the Germans took up the baton and ran with it.

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