Sumary of Frankfurt Dippemess:

  • Centuries years of funThe Frankfurt Dippemess has origins in the 14th century, when the Maamess (Main Fair) was a medieval market for household goods.
  • Potters from around Germany travelled to Frankfurt to sell their ceramic bowls and pots, called Dippe – giving the fair its name.
  • Photo: © Holger Ullmann, courtesy of Frankfurt TourismBefore long, stalls and popular amusements were added, and the fair outgrew its original location, moving to the current fairground site near the river in the 1960s.
  • The Dippemess celebrates its 676th anniversary in 2021!Photo: © Holger Ullmann, courtesy of Frankfurt TourismRoller-coasters and carousels at Frankfurt DippemessWhile the pottery and other trade stalls still form part of the fair, the main attractions are the exciting fairground rides.
  • A huge Ferris wheel towers over the fairground, but thrill-seekers will also find 18 other exciting rides of various types, including a roller-coaster, waltzer and a drop tower – the unofficial motto is “higher, further, faster!
  • Photo: © Holger Ullmann, courtesy of Frankfurt TourismBeer, apple wine and music at the Spring DippemessVisitors can enjoy a range of beers, local cider (Apfelwein), and apple juice in the festival marquee, as well as a wide range of snacks and local specialities.

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