How the world’s largest inflatable aircraft hangar was built

how the worlds largest inflatable aircraft hangar was built

Sumary of How the world’s largest inflatable aircraft hangar was built:

  • Just ask the planners of Berlin’s new Brandenburg Airport, which has only just entered service after a decades-long building process plagued by engineering mishaps.
  • Even when everything goes smoothly, relatively simple facilities, such as hangars, can take years to build and make ready for operations.
  • World’s largest inflatable hangarTo answer this question, we just need to travel to the Arabian Peninsula.
  • It is here in Saudi Arabia, opposite the main terminal of Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport, that a large white, ribbed structure rises from the ground up to a height that makes even the jumbo jets parked nearby appear small.
  • This is the largest inflatable hangar in the world, constructed in 2019 by Buildair, a Barcelona-based firm that has built similar facilities of different sizes at several other airports in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  • A case in point is the hangar in Jeddah, which is used by a Saudi aerospace services firm to provide maintenance to commercial aircraft.

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