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Is Christmas Cancelled In Europe? What We Know So Far About Travel Restrictions

Many EU countries are starting to lay out what Christmas under a pandemic might look like in terms … [+] of travel restrictions

AFP via Getty Images

As EU countries continue to battle high infection rates of Covid-19 through national or regional lockdowns, it is too soon to say if current travel restrictions will be relaxed for the Christmas period.

However, there are indicators that many countries might try to relax rules around household mingling, to allow families to come together to celebrate.

The U.K. might allow a five-day relaxation of rules

The BBC reported on how the government’s medical adviser, Susan Hopkins, said they were working on a plan and wanted Christmas to be “as close to normal as possible”.

Speculation is that a five-day relaxation of household mixing might be allowed and ideally across England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, to allow families to cross borders to celebrate.

Scotland is preparing for a “digital Christmas”

In Scotland, first minister Nicola Sturgeon’s most senior public health adviser, Jason Leitch, has told people that they should prepare themselves for a “digital Christmas”.

Meanwhile, all 4 countries in the U.K. are working together to get students home from schools and universities through a “student travel window” from 3 December to 9 December.


Germany closes its Christmas markets

Germany is considering allowing private gatherings in public for up to two households over the Christmas period but has cancelled all its Christmas markets.

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