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Royal travel: Kate Middleton and Prince William are currently banned from the royal train

Queen Elizabeth II has spent a vast amount of her 65 years serving as monarch travelling. Whether for her duty as Queen or for private excursions, she spends a great deal of time zipping around the UK.

Other members of the family, including Prince Charles and Prince William, also help with many of the task associated with representing the Royal Family.

However, there is one method of transport reportedly favoured by the Queen for her journeys throughout Blighty than some members of the family may not have the luxury of experiencing.

The royal train first came into service in 1842 when the first-ever carriage built specifically for the royals was developed for Queen Adelaide.

Since then, a dedicated royal train has become “the royals favourite way to travel” according to Channel 5 documentary Secrets of the Royal Train.

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Once the monarch passes away, it is likely that Prince William and Kate will then enjoy a bittersweet ride upon the train.

Despite her love of the railway, though, it seems the royal train is out of action more than it is in use these days.

The train cost tax-payers around £63,000 to run last year.

However, according to the royal annual review, the train was used just three times in 2019.

These days, it seems Prince Charles is the main royal who puts the train to use.

According to a 2008 insight by the Daily Mail “Charles is the most frequent and regular passenger”, meanwhile Camilla “unlike her husband, is not a lover of train travel.”

Much like the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Phillip similarly does not enjoy a ride on the railway.

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