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The Bavarian Alps: Your Complete Guide To A Fabulous Vacation

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Are you the kind of person who wants to enjoy an amazing scenery? Perhaps some place cold, with mountainous ranges and lakes? Perhaps some place with ice, snow capped mountains and glaciers? Especially somewhere which is is not very crowded or flocked by tourists.

Does such a place even exist? In short and to break the ice, yes, it does. The place that you are looking for is known by the name of ‘Bavarian Alps.’ The Bavarian Alps is a section of the Alps, specifically the Eastern Alps, that falls under Germany. It is named the Bavarian Alps after the German state of Bavaria. Below are all that you need to know to plan a spectacular trip to the Bavarian Alps.

Best Time To Visit Bavarian Alps

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The best time of the year to visit the Bavarian Alps would be between the months of June through September. Since Bavaria is surrounded by snow capped mountains and is located at a high altitude, the climate is generally cold. The mornings and afternoons are especially cold, with midnight conditions being freezing cold. But nevertheless, this is an amazing honeymoon destination and the best time to beat the crowds would be the months of August and September.

3 Best Places To Visit In Bavaria

Bavaria is a beautiful land that one should definitely visit. If not for the climate, for its amazing and scenic locations. Bavaria offers some of the most scenic views in Germany and a truly romantic experience for couples.

1. The Zugspitze

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