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Will I be able to travel in December? When can we go on holiday again?

Lockdown is supposed to end on December 2 and many people are daring to dream about holidays in the UK and abroad. Will this actually be allowed? There is much uncertainty about whether the national lockdown will be extended throughout the festive season. Will I be able to travel in December? reveals everything you need to know right now about a Christmas holiday.

Currently, anyone living in England, Wales or Northern Ireland is unable to go on holiday.

In fact, these citizens can’t travel anywhere except for a few limited places such as work or school.

In Scotland, if you live in a level zero, one or two local authority area you can still travel overseas.

However, If you live in a level three or four area in Scotland, you cannot even leave the area.

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Despite these restrictions on most of the UK, the nation still has a number of travel corridor agreements.

This means that Brits who are allowed to can visit a list of countries without needing to quarantine for two weeks when they get home.

Travel abroad is mostly limited to work, education or other legally permitted reasons.

Changes to the travel rules largely depend on whether or not the UK coronavirus restrictions change.

Will lockdown be extended?

The UK’s four-week lockdown is due to finish on December 2, but Northern Ireland’s Government has already stated that it was extending it’s lockdown by another two weeks.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at the start of November: “I want to apologise to all of you who have been dealing with the frustrations and the nightmare of the Covid world.

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