Greek traditional wooden boat builders a dwindling craft

greek traditional wooden boat builders a dwindling craft

Sumary of Greek traditional wooden boat builders a dwindling craft:

  • DRAKAIOI, Greece (AP) — On the forested slopes of an island mountain, early morning mist swirling around its peak, the unmistakable form of a traditional Greek wooden boat emerges: a caique, or kaiki, the likes of which has sailed these seas for hundreds of years.
  • Wooden boats are an integral part of the Greek landscape, adorning tourist brochures, postcards and countless holiday snaps.
  • They have been sailing across Greece for centuries, used as fishing boats, to transport cargo, livestock and passengers and as pleasure craft.
  • Fewer people order wooden boats since plastic and fiberglass ones are cheaper to maintain.
  • And young people aren’t as interested in joining a profession that requires years of apprenticeship, is physically and mentally draining and has an uncertain future.
  • The boats are being made to order, with the bigger one costing around 60,000 euros ($70,000), and the smaller one around 30,000 euros ($35,000).

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