Valef Yachts – Defining benchmarks In luxury yacht chartering

valef yachts defining benchmarks in luxury yacht chartering

Sumary of Valef Yachts – Defining benchmarks In luxury yacht chartering:

  • Kassandra and Alexandra Lefakinis are co-owners and managing partners in the second generation of Valef Yachts – a family business that pioneered luxury and mega yacht charters in Greece when it was founded in 1969. The women now define the new benchmarks in luxury yacht chartering.
  • The conscious traveler embarks on a holistic experience that includes not only extensive wellness and health offerings, but also cultural immersion.
  • “The benchmarks of luxury yacht chartering are re-defined,” says Alexandra Lefakinis.
  • Since the foundation of Valef Yachts by their father Vassilios “Bill” Lefakinis, the intrinsic desire of the family business has been to promote the uniqueness of Greece, not only in terms of nature with each and every Aegean island to choose from, but also in terms of the unique traditions including the world-famous Greek hospitality.
  • Guests of today aim to embark on a local authentic experience as opposed to the former international luxury standard moulded decades ago.
  • “This standard becametoo uniform and rather sterile, leaving out the options to truly connect to your surroundings,” Kassandra says.

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