Teenage Aviator Aims to Be Youngest Woman to Circle the Globe Solo

teenage aviator aims to be youngest woman to circle the globe solo

Sumary of Teenage Aviator Aims to Be Youngest Woman to Circle the Globe Solo:

  • Zara Rutherford, 19, was about 20 minutes into a flight from Iceland to Greenland when her tiny plane lost radio contact with the outside world.
  • Her list includes Bessie Coleman, the first African American woman in the United States to earn a pilot’s license, and Lilian Bland, a British aviation pioneer who is thought to be the first woman to design, build and fly her own plane.
  • The route is almost comically squiggly, in part, she said, because her two-seater plane is unable to fly long distances over oceans, but also because she likes the idea of a grand adventure.
  • After her radio cut out during the journey to Greenland, for example, he asked in a text message if she was able to climb through holes in the clouds to an altitude where the visibility would be better.
  • But she will inevitably encounter stiff winds, he added, as well as clouds that she cannot fly through because her plane is not certified to fly on instruments alone.
  • Before she left, she practiced escaping from a plane in an underwater simulator.

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