What will replace the traffic light travel system?

what will replace the traffic light travel system

Sumary of What will replace the traffic light travel system?:

  • The “traffic light” system that governs international travel to the UK could be scrapped next month, according to reports.
  • The UK is in the odd position of having both the highest Covid infection rates of any major European country and also the most draconian restrictions on arrivals from abroad.
  • Nations (or sometime individual regions) are placed into one of five categories that decide how travellers are treated on arrival to the UK.Ireland has been in a “super green” category of its own since the coronavirus pandemic began, with neither testing nor quarantine required for arrivals from the republic.
  • For vaccinated travellers that would make no difference at all, since both categories require two tests but no quarantine.
  • Airlines, holiday companies and travel agents are underwhelmed.
  • The leaks suggest merely tinkering with the travel restrictions, rather than aligning the rules more closely with other countries – which seek to balance the protection of public health with supporting their travel and tourism industries.

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