35 Nourishing Functional Foods To Add To Your Pantry

35 nourishing functional foods to add to your pantry

Sumary of 35 Nourishing Functional Foods To Add To Your Pantry:

  • [+] like Tennessee Black Truffle Honeycomb, Regalis Japanese Toasted Nori Sheets and DADA Daily Cauliflower Popcorn Florets..
  • As the pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health, treating our food as medicine is a self-care strategy that easily overlooked..
  • And people have been eating them up in quarantine—from the home chef experimenting with vitamin-packed spice blends to the busy mom who needs a quick brain-boosting snack..
  • from Ashwagandha—an adaptogen that calms the nervous system—and organic Thai chili peppers for a spicy kick..
  • Made with extra virgin olive oil harvested using traditional methods, the smooth, tangy condiment supports small and independent farmers in the southern region of Italy..
  • Bada Bean Bada Boom This popular superfood brand is using protein- and fiber-packed broad beans to make addictive snacks that deliver a nutritional punch..
  • Claiming to boast five times the amount of fiber and triple the protein of your average potato chips, they make a satisfying vegan, gluten-free alternative to your typical munchies—and crunchy salad-toppers too..
  • Fans of Trader Joe Everything But The Bagel seasoning will love this flavor, but with 13 others to choose from—ranging from Spicy Wasabi to Mesquite BBQ to Sweet Cinnamon—it’ll be hard to resist the best-selling Boom Box variety pack….

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