$350M ‘palace on rails’ luxury train concept unveiled

350m palace on rails luxury train concept unveiled

Sumary of $350M ‘palace on rails’ luxury train concept unveiled:

  • (CNN) — Long distance rail travel looked like it could be on its way out just a few years ago, but a lot has changed then.
  • The classic style of traveling is now having something of a revival, as travelers look for more environmentally friendly ways to see the world.Various new trains and routes are currently in the pipeline, including Italy’s “Dolce Vita train,” set to run 10 routes through the country’s most well-known landscapes, and Midnight Trains, an upcoming network of overnight services from Paris to 12 different European destinations.
  • However, French designer Thierry Gaugain plans to take the rail travel experience to a completely new level with his latest concept, a private luxury train made to measure for one lucky, and very wealthy, owner.
  • Gaugain, who has worked with renowned designer Philippe Starck across countless projects, is known for his impressive yacht designs, including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ 80-meter vessel Venus, but this is his first attempt at conceptualizing a train.
  • Courtesy Thierry Gaugain “This train is envisioned for one unique owner,” Gaugain tells CNN Travel.
  • It’s about travel, not how fast you get from point A to point B.” Gaugain feels that travel has become more focused on speed than the actual journey, and he sees the G Train as a mode of transportation where those on board can have just as much, if not more, fun on the way to their chosen destination.
  • Courtesy Thierry Gaugain But Gaugain had one particular person in mind when he envisioned the G Train, billionaire Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of Steve Jobs.
  • “Because we [travelers] are constantly in a rush.

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