6 Stunning Churches In Italy That Look Straight Out Of An Artist’s Dream!

6 stunning churches in italy that look straight out of an artists dream

Sumary of 6 Stunning Churches In Italy That Look Straight Out Of An Artist’s Dream!:

  • While the exteriors are spectacular, the interiors are awe-inspiring as well.
  • Agatha in Catania Image Source Although eruptions of Mount Etna nearby and earthquakes have destroyed the Cathedral of St.
  • In fact, it is definitely one of the most beautiful Italian Catholic churches that features a tri-level Sicilian Baroque façade carved out of Carrara marble.
  • Corinthian columns and a bell tower dating back to 1387 adorn the façade.
  • Peter’s Basilica, and the Duomo of Milan Suggested Read: 10 Best Villas In Italy That Are Perfect For That Much Needed Luxury Vacation 4. Cathedral of St.
  • Andrew sits on top of a staircase in the heart of Amalfi, and looms majestically over Piazza Duomo.

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