Airbus A380, Unkillable Queen Of The Skies, Returns Despite Pandemic

airbus a380 unkillable queen of the skies returns despite pandemic

Sumary of Airbus A380, Unkillable Queen Of The Skies, Returns Despite Pandemic:

  • Many participants will undoubtedly fly in on the world’s largest passenger airliner, the double-decker Airbus A380. The giant aircraft’s improbable comeback from its near-death COVID-19 experience provides a barometer reading of the increasing health of the aviation industry.
  • According to Simple Flying, there were 223 A380s were in operation as of March 1, 2020. (Airbus had built just 250 aircraft when manufacturing ended in 2021.) But by the end of that month, just 27 A380s were still flying.
  • Predictions were that the jumbos they would be replaced by smaller, more fuel-efficient aircraft that would be easier to fill with passengers once the pandemic abated.
  • And with few passengers due to the pandemic and closed international borders, operating a thirsty 500-seat four-engine aircraft with a crew of a dozen made zero economic sense.
  • Emirates Airlines A380 aircraft parked in long-term storage with engines covered during COIVD-19 .
  • [+] pandemic, 2020. Emirates Airlines MORE FOR YOU Still, it was sad to see the A380 summarily sent to aircraft boneyards around the world, along with its Boeing 747 jumbo jet counterpart.

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