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Covid: UK’s top 30 travel-anxious cities revealed: Aberdeen is most nervous and Derby is least

The UK cities that feel the most and least anxious about Covid-19 and travel in 2021 have been revealed in a survey.

Aberdeen tops the ranking of 30 cities, with 88.2 per cent of its residents saying their travel anxiety has increased since the coronavirus pandemic. Occupying the second and third spots are Coventry (84 per cent) and Plymouth (83 per cent). 

Derby is the city that’s least anxious about post-lockdown trips with only 44 per cent of residents feeling an increase in their travel anxiety. Closely following Derby’s relaxed attitude is Lancaster (49 per cent, 29th) and Birmingham (59 per cent, 28th).

A map showing the top 20 most travel-anxious cities across the UK. Aberdeen residents are most nervous about post-lockdown trips as a result of the pandemic 

The research was commissioned by travel insurance firm Medical Travel Compared and surveyed holidaymakers from across the cities to reveal the future of travel in a Covid-19 world.

Other cities that researchers found are particularly anxious about future travel include Sheffield (76.6 per cent, fourth), Exeter (76.4 per cent, fifth) and Belfast (75 per cent, sixth).

Meanwhile among the others that researchers say are least anxious about travel are Leeds (60.2 per cent, 27th), Kingston upon Hull (61.1 per cent, 26th) and Newcastle (63.7 per cent, 25th).

The poll of almost 2,000 adults also quizzed respondents about their top travel fears right now.

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