From Earth To Skin – Fresh’s Sustainable Skincare Journey From Piedmont To (The Faces Of) Th …

from earth to skin freshs sustainable skincare journey from piedmont to the faces of the world

Sumary of From Earth To Skin – Fresh’s Sustainable Skincare Journey From Piedmont To (The Faces Of) The World:

  • Here is where the white truffle grows hidden in the ground among the root stock of those trees it favors, far from passing eyes and only to be found by those who know and truly understand the landscape.
  • The Landscape of Alba/Barolo, Italy Fresh Any attempts made by man to cultivate this unique crop have failed as it defies all efforts and agricultural ingenuity deployed to grow it outside its preferred environment.
  • Save The Truffle’s Carlo Marenda sourcing truffle with the help of his truffle dog Fresh And when the fall months of October and November come and the days grow shorter, it is time for man and dog to work in harmony to tease out these treasures from the soil.
  • This is the moment for the snuffle for the truffle as specialist dogs get their noses to the ground to indicate where to look more closely.
  • White Truffle found by Save The Truffle’s Truffle Dog in the forests of Alba Fresh MORE FOR YOU Emerging from the ground when the dogs have done their work are the naturalistic forms of the white truffle.
  • Fresh Creme Ancienne White Truffle Overnight Mask Fresh Something so rare and precious has a value which extends far beyond the restaurant kitchen.

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