Italian town near ski resorts sells homes for €1

italian town near ski resorts sells homes for e1

Sumary of Italian town near ski resorts sells homes for €1:

  • “This is really in a worst-case scenario,” local councillor Paolo Di Bacco told CNN Travel.
  • The idea is to encourage new residents to move to the town – which, like other places in Italy, is suffering from depopulation, with the number of locals having shrunk from 13,000 to around 7,000 – alongside restoring the abandoned stone homes in Pratola Peligna’s historical district, known as Schiavonia, to their former glory.
  • “Our goal is to make them all shine again and recover the beauty of the old center, even if that may take a while,” said Di Bacco.
  • As young Italians increasingly migrate to the city and choose cosmopolitan jobs over rural and community vocations, many of Italy’s prettiest remote villages are becoming abandoned, with tiny, ageing populations that are beginning to die off.
  • Some elderly Italians have found themselves with no one to leave their house to, bequeathing it instead to the local authorities, who have to decide what to do with it, while some younger citizens have inherited properties in areas they have no intention of moving to.

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