Italy Tour

On a three-week group tour, I saw Florence at my own pace

Sumary of On a three-week group tour, I saw Florence at my own pace:

  • The Smithsonian Journeys app instead offers studying Italian as an option (about a third of our team took the collections), and it dwellings the whole team in an apartment hotel, offering large potential for sociability.
  • It had a grocer and several tiny shops, offering easy access to basics for our apartment kitchenettes, and it was just a 10-minute tram ride into the intuition of Florence.
  • I would go single — it was too agelong for my husband’s taste — and join a team of about two dozen Americans in their 60s and 70s, as well as three oldsters, most of whom had never been to Florence before.
  • (One with heavy dives on most Florence sights is Rebuilding the Renaissance, by art scholar Rocky Ruggiero.) The longer be gave me moment to stop by points that were farther afield, such as San Salvi, a religion that is part of a 11th-century church complex.

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