Taranto: Southern Italy’s hidden treasure

taranto southern italys hidden treasure

Sumary of Taranto: Southern Italy’s hidden treasure:

  • Known as la Città dei Due Mari, or the City of the Two Seas, its heritage dates all the way back to the Spartans, who founded it in the 8th century BCE.
  • The 44-year-old’s office, in the Città Vecchia, or old city, looks out towards the sea, but is not far from the steelworks that have defined modern Taranto.
  • Jonathan Hawkins/CNNMelucci, who took office in 2017, says he is trying to change that mentality, to show a vision of Taranto that revives the city’s old identity, and introduces a new, proud, more diverse future.
  • Jonathan Hawkins/CNNPerhaps the most significant and important project in the city is, however, a far more complex one.
  • The Città Vecchia, built on the original Doric platform of ancient Taranto, is a world of its own.
  • “Now in his 70s, Di Gregorio has observed the decline of the Città Vecchia firsthand.

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