Ten tasty regional specialities to discover in Spain’s Murcia 

ten tasty regional specialities to discover in spains murcia

Sumary of Ten tasty regional specialities to discover in Spain’s Murcia :

  • TYPICALLY overshadowed by its more touristy neighbours Valencia and Andalucia, visitors to Murcia may be surprised to discover the wealth of regional gastronomic delights that can be found along this fertile stretch of Mediterranean coastline.
  • Pastel de Carne Pastel de Carne – Tamorlan – Wikimedia Creative CommonsThis traditional dish used to be made across Spain in the medieval era however it practically vanished in the nineteenth century.
  • Today Murcia is the only spot where you can enjoy an authentic pastel de carne.
  • Arroz CalderoArroz Caldero with mullet – Javier Lastras Arroz – Flickr Creative CommonsNamed after the cauldron-like pan in which it is prepared, arroz caldero is a rice stew traditionally made by the fishermen at Mar Menor, who would use the fish that couldn’t sell at market.
  • ZarangolloZarangollo – El Mono Espanol – Wikimedia Creative CommonsZarangollo is a classic Murcian countryside dish that consists of scrambled eggs with courgette and onion and occasionally a few potatoes are added too.
  • This dish is simple, delicious and easy to try your hand at at homeMichironesMichirones – Avicentegil – Wikimedia Creative CommonsBeans are one of staple ingredients of the region, featuring in many dishes.

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