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The evocative music that inspired my travels: readers’ tips

Winning tip: Isle of Skye with Peatbog Faeries

I found Peatbog Faeries’ album Welcome to DunVEGAS from a tiny, well-stocked trad music shop in Portree. The album, recorded in a cottage on the banks of Pool Roag near Dunvegan during a three-month-long party, became a musical guidebook for a road trip exploring the beautiful and harsh Isle of Skye. Pete Morrison’s belting, anthemic bagpipes and Roddy Neilson’s undulating fiddle reels reflect the constantly changing weather and landscape. Gaelic vocals on the track Fear Eile echo the island’s rich mythology and the hollow percussion on Morning Dew evokes memories of hanging mist and raindrops falling off … well, everything!Anna Kennett

Chasing the blues to San FranciscoA song with ‘sadness and yearning infused with hope’

As a child, I loved the evenings when my dad brought out his guitar and sang. One of my favourites was San Francisco Bay Blues, first recorded by Jesse Fuller, with its sadness and yearning infused with energy and hope. The lyrics held the romance of ocean liners and freight trains, along with a fantasy that someone who had treated me bad might one day sing about how I was actually the best. As a student finally able to explore the world I travelled the US west coast, heading for San Francisco. Like the song, the city was beautiful, miserable and hopeful all at once.Mary

Matala, Crete, with Joni Mitchell’s Carey Matala beach inside a cliff cave, Crete. Photograph: Gareth McCormack/Alamy

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