The final boss is ghost pepper in Domino’s Japan’s 4-level spicy Halloween pizza challenge

the final boss is ghost pepper in dominos japans 4 level spicy halloween pizza challenge

Sumary of The final boss is ghost pepper in Domino’s Japan’s 4-level spicy Halloween pizza challenge:

  • Domino’s Pizza Japan is offering two new pizza pies sure to make spice-lovers happy.
  • As some of our readers may recall, last year, their Halloween Roulette Pizza was inspired by a Russian Roulette, with one extremely hot slice—spiked with oil made with Ghost Pepper, aka Bhut Jolokia—hidden in plain sight for you to discover.
  • This year, Domino’s Pizza Japan is changing its approach, offering a “challenge” that takes adventurous spice-loving pizza lovers on a four-part “quest” with each level of the four-in-one pizza getting progressively hotter, until the final level featuring a potent combination of ghost pepper and jalapeno.
  • The aptly named “Halloween Challenge Quattro” is perfect for groups of family or friends where some members can handle extreme spice and others less so.
  • However, if you happen to have a group of die-hard spice lovers, you can do away with milder levels entirely and opt for the “Jalapeno &
  • Ghost Pepper” pizza in which every single slice is as spicy as the maximum level in the “Halloween Challenge Quattro” pizza.

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