Simon Calder’s latest expert answers to 24 of your June traffic light travel questions

simon calders latest expert answers to 24 of your june traffic light travel questions

Sumary of Simon Calder’s latest expert answers to 24 of your June traffic light travel questions:

  • On the evening of 10 June, though, he paused his galactic meanderings to answer your pressing travel issues live for an hour..
  • But then Portugal, which had seen a modest increase in cases, was moved straight from the green to the amber list..
  • The decision left those travellers, airlines and holiday firms who had mistakenly put their faith in the green watchlist feeling foolish and confused..
  • Furthermore, the decision not to move Malta from amber to green – despite compelling evidence that it should be on the lowest-risk register – suggests a very hard line is being taken at the heart of government..
  • Paul has spent the past 15 months assiduously analysing the data, and therefore his comments deserve attention..
  • A cynical political calculation might regard the damage wrought upon people hopes, dreams and livelihoods as unfortunate collateral for a gain in support..
  • Do you know where I can access the 14-day cases/100,000 statistic for the individual Islands, and in your learned opinion, would we be better of moving to August to stand a much better chance of Corfu being on the green list?.
  • But once large-scale tourism begins to those key destinations, the possibility diminishes to almost zero – the systems in the UK couldn’t cope….

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