Eco-Friendly-Ultra-Sustainable Baltic 68 “Café Racer” Debuts In Europe

eco friendly ultra sustainable baltic 68 cafe racer debuts in europe

Sumary of Eco-Friendly-Ultra-Sustainable Baltic 68 “Café Racer” Debuts In Europe:

  • Baltic 68 Cafe Racer debuts in Europe Baltic Yachts With a hull and deck reinforced with natural fibers, eco-electric propulsion, easy to handle sail plan and striking good looks, the new Baltic 68 Café Racer is an innovative example of where yacht design and construction is heading.
  • As its name indicates, this Café Racer is designed for performance sailing.
  • ” The interior of the Baltic 68 Cafe Racer Eva-Stina Kjellman The “green” construction approach Jaudenes is referring to is the fact 50% of the Café Racer’s hull and deck use Bcomp’s ampliTexTM naturally grown flax as a reinforcement.
  • Additional “green” solutions include an extensive array of solar panels that will providing sufficient power to run onboard systems, including refrigeration and sustainably grown Marinedeck cork replaces teak for the Café Racer’s decking material.
  • MORE FOR YOU Baltic 68 Cafe Racer Baltic And while not many yachts are “greener” than sailboats—when they use wind power to move—the Café Racer can also be driven by twin 15kW Oceanvolt electric motors with saildrive-style legs when the wind doesn’t cooperate.
  • Baltic 68 Cafe Racer interior Eva-Stina Kjellman Baltic Yachts Executive Vice President, Henry Hawkins says, “This is a yacht which tackles today’s challenges of sustainability and low carbon targets head on.

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